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Use of carbon black from tyre pyrolysis

pyrolysis plant
 Pyrolysis plant
Market is the leader in the economics, As the pyrolysis is developing, because the products of the pyrolysis is suitable for the market requires. So the final products of the pyrolysis are very important. The uses of the final products of the pyorlysis are very important. The main final product of the pyrolysis is carbon black, pyrolysis oil, and waste steel wire, and some off-gas. The carbon can be used to reinforce the rubber. The carbon black in the field has a broder market. On the other hand the carbon black can be used as fuel with less pollution. The liquid oil-fuel oil will surely be used as a fuel. The waste gas will be used in the process to heat the reactor.
The final products of the pyrolysis plant of doing is as below

Products Weight(%)
Crude oil 40-45
Carbon black 30-35
Scrap steel 10-15
Gases 10-15
carbon black application
Carbon black

 Analysis of the solid residue –carbon black

Carbon black is one of the main solid products of the pyrolysis process.The amount of the carbon is mainly depends on two aspects one is the type of the tyre and the other is the pressure and temperature of the process.The carbon is mainly used as raw material or main ingredient in many industries.In the rubber industry, the carbon black is the second larger amount raw material to make the rubber.And it can improve the colouring features of the materials.
The carbon black produced by pyrolysis application is more economical compared with the carbon black produced primarily from petroleum and is more price-efficient to be used as an ingredient in the industries listed,
carbon black from pyrolysis plant

Carbon black application
1)Electric  cable jacketing
2)conveyor band
3)Carrier bands
4)house and doormat
5) black nylon bag
6) rubber additive
7)automotive spare parts
8)Heat isolation
9)black colorant in rubber materials

Element analysis of pyrolysis carbon black

Weight(%) ELEMENT
71 carbon
13.3 oxygen
5.4 iron
2.8 sulphur
2.3 zinc
1.3 calcium
0.3 aluminium

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