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Waste disposal in recycling center

can be pyrolysis raw material
Can be pyrolysis raw material
Waste materials oil yield of pyrolysis
Raw materials Oil rate
Pulp material coarse material 15%
washed material 23%-26%
wasted junks 70%
Cable sheath PE cross-linked cable sheath 85%
PVC cable sheath 25%
pure rubber cable sheath 35%
telephone wires 50%
Garbage solid waste 50%
impurity with water 15%
Textile bags and Reticules 60%
Tires above 650 45%
tire of bike, motor and alto 35%
Soles ghillies soles 27%-33%
black rubber soles 35%
gum-rubber outsoles 45%
Rubber pipe 30%
Carpet material 33%
Platinum paper 30%
Glazing bead of cars 50%

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