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The temperature and pressure requirement for waste plastic pyrolysis machine

In the process of waste plastic pyrolysis, the temperature and pressure need to be controlled within a certain range. Our engineers will conduct strict training for the customer's workers after the waste plastic pyrolysis machine is installed. Throughout the process, the pressure is under negative pressure and is generally constant, as long as the condenser is maintained regularly and make sure there is no blocking in it, then the pressure is not a problem.

plastic pyrolysis machineThe negative pressure device to keep safe operating pressure for waste plastic pyrolysis machine

In the process of our waste plastic pyrolysis, the normal pyrolysis temperature should be controlled between 200 ° C and 300 ° C. The temperature control depends mainly on the size of the fire. Under normal circumstances, customers need to hire a more experienced fire operator, who can adjust the size of the fire according to our operating manual flexibly. Our waste plastic pyrolysis machine supports a variety of heating methods, including diesel, coal, heavy oil, natural gas, and so on. Different combustion methods are different in operation. If you choose to burn coal, firewood, etc., then you need to make a regular burning stove, then you need to find a more experienced fire operator. Because you need to constantly add or reduce the coal or wood, which is harder to control the temperature. If you choose liquid fuel such as heavy oil, natural gas, diesel, etc., then only 4 burners need to be equipped, these burner can be adjusted the output, and the operation is very simple.

waste plastic pyrolysisThe fuel can be used in the process of waste plastic pyrolysis

There is no need to worry about the operation of our waste plastic pyrolysis machine, because all of our engineers have rich experience of operating all kinds of machines, they will never leave your factory unless your workers can operate the machine independently.

waste plastic pyrolysis machineCustomer and our manager at the waste plastic pyrolysis machine installation site

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