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How to make diesel from waste plastic? What machine do you need?

Waste plastic is organic waste and diesel is an organic fuel. How to make diesel from waste  plastic? What machine do you need?

Actually, you need two types of machine: 1. Waste plastic pyrolysis machine, to make  pyrolysis oil from waste plastic. 2. Waste oil distillation machine, to refine pyrolysis oil into diesel.

plastic to diesel machineTwo kinds of machines which are needed to make diesel from waste plastic

These two kinds of machine are our DOING company's main products, which we have  researched in for 10 years. Our machine has sold to more than 80 countries all over the world,  and we have obtained many customers' praise. If you want to make diesel from waste plastic  and have plan to set up a waste plastic recycling & disposal plant, welcome you contact us to  get a free quotation about the machine. You can also continue reading to learn about the  detailed introduction about these two kinds of machine.

Waste plastic pyrolysis machine can pyrolyze waste plastics in the reactor at high- temperature condition to produce oil and gas, and then through a four-step condensation  system these oil and gas can be condensed into plastic pyrolysis oil. We have two kinds of  waste plastic pyrolysis machine: batch type and full-continuous type. The latter applies our  newest technology, with larger processing capacities, higher automatic working process and  better environmental protection.

pyrolysis machineBatch type and full-continuous type pyrolysis machine

Waste oil distillation machine can turn plastic pyrolysis oil into oil gas through distillation  process, at the same time, the impurities will be removed, and then the oil gas will be cooled  into light oil through the condensation system. Finally, through the decolorization and  deodorization system, you will get clean, bright color diesel. This diesel can be used as a fuel  for engines in heavy equipment, such as trucks, trailers, trailers, ships, etc.

waste oil distillation machine

After learn about these two machine, do you understand how to make diesel from waste  plastic? Welcome you contact us to learn about more.

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