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15TPD Semi-continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant was delivered from DOING Factory

2022-07-21 10:19:53 DOING News Chat online Leave a message

Recently, the production of four 15TPD semi-continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant ordered by customers in Fujian, China has been gradually completed. On July 15, 2022, some of the four 15TPD semi-continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant have been successfully loaded and sent to Fujian from Doing Factory.

It only took 2 months from ordering the semi-continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant to the equipment delivery. The strong manufacturing capacity and rich project installation experience of the Doing Company were the important reasons for attracting Fujian customers to purchase waste tire pyrolysis plant from us.

The Fujian customer is engaged in the fuel-related industry and has a certain understanding of waste tire pyrolysis plant. Therefore, he himself was relatively cautious when choosing pyrolysis plant manufacturers. After the customer came into contact with DOING, he learned that our equipment has good quality, exquisite materials and long service life, so he quickly decided to cooperate with us.

pyrolysis plantThe reactor of waste tyre pyrolysis plant

With the approval of our old customer, he also personally inspected the local waste tire pyrolysis plant installed by DOING. And he was satisfied with the high oil yield, stable operation and high safety performance of our pyrolysis plant, especially the safe design of our reactor pressure vessel. After returning from the inspection, he immediately contacted our sales manager and ordered 4 sets of 15TPD semi-continuous waste tire pyrolysis plants.

project cases

With excellent equipment quality and perfect service, Doing Company has sold waste tires/plastic/oil sludge pyrolysis plants to 90+ countries. If you also want to buy cost-effective pyrolysis plant, please contact us for equipment quotation!

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