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15TPD plastic to oil pyrolysis machine order from Indonesia

09-26-2023 14:29:45 DOING News Chat online Leave a message

On September 9, 2023, we Henan Doing Company got an order from our Indonesian customer to purchase a set of 15TPD plastic to oil pyrolysis machine. DOING plastic to oil pyrolysis machine won the recognition of him by virtue of the features of safe, high oil yield and environmentally friendly.

1. High safety level

In addition to basic installation equipment such as pressure gauges and safety valves, the plastic to oil pyrolysis machine ordered by this Indonesian customer is also equipped with our patented safety configuration-negative pressure vacuum system, which can not only avoid flash explosions, but also fully extract the fuel oil out and further improve the oil yield.

safe plastic to oil pyrolysis machinePlastic to oil pyrolysis machine safety device

2. High oil yield

Our pyrolysis reactor has good sealing effect and the pyrolysis plant is equipped with industrial level multiple-stage condensers, which can guarantee the high oil yield.

3. Environmentally friendly

All the water used in the pyrolysis process is circulating water, so there is no waste water generated. And for the exhausted gas, our sales manager will customize suitable environmental protection devices like exhausted gas purification system, flue gas desulfurization system, etc., which can meet different countries' emission standards.

Therefore, after he learned our detailed machine design, he decided to cooperate with us. This order has been entered into our factory fabrication schedule. And our sales manager and engineer team will assist in equipment delivery, installation and running.

Then this set of 15TPD pyrolysis machine can help our Indonesian customer recycle the cheap price waste plastics or samelike solid waste into fuel oil, which can be used as industrial fuel, can be used in steel plants, cement plants, power plants, etc.. It can save the operation cost of Indonesian customer's steel factories, but also make contributions to reducing plastic waste pollution.

pyrolysis oil applicationPlastic pyrolysis oil applications as heating fuels

DOING brand pyrolysis machines are well-known around the world and have hot sales to 100+ countries and regions, widely used for solid waste/medical plastic waste/rubber tire/plastic/oil sludge treatment! The pyrolysis machine quality and design is trustworthy, welcome to consult for more details and quotations!

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