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DOING company given a high praise with a “good service” and “high quality product”. DOING expansion direction and goals is to promote waste tyre pyrolysis plant and waste plastic to oil plant to various countries around the world. So the company has been through a variety of ways to let the world know this company, to know waste plastic to oil plant, waste tyre pyrolysis plant etc.

January 2014, in order to expand the company's business scope and increase the company's products exposure in the world, the company has invested in Made in China site; company information will be formally launched in this website at the beginning of 2014.

Cooperation with Made in China is increase more efficient and effective information resources in the basis of electronic business platform to promote the whole business progress, mainly to promote their core product waste tyre pyrolysis plant and waste plastic to oil plant.

To compare with traditional era, the most difference in commercial era is resource sharing. So the integration of resources has become particularly important enterprise competitiveness. To enhance our own competitiveness with the resources around us has been DOING learning and use, and in the future business development, will still exist. Also believe that this cooperation with Made in China will bring invaluable value for the company!

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