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Congratulations! Two sets of 15TPD semi-continuous pyrolysis machines were shipped to India!

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Good news! On May 8, 2024, DOING factory finished the shipping of two sets of 15TPD pyrolysis machines to India with responsible and patient inspection and packaging. And these packaging and shipping pictures and videos will also be sent to our Indian customer.

Shipping pictures of semi-continuous pyrolysis machineaShipping pictures of semi-continuous pyrolysis machinea

Our Indian customer is engaged in the waste plastic recycling industry, having abundant waste plastic resources, such as the PP/PE plastics and plastic household garbage, which all are good resources to be used in waste plastic pyrolysis machines to get useful products. After deciding to set up the pyrolysis machine project, the Indian customer made detailed comparisons for many pyrolysis machine manufacturers, and finally proposed cooperation requirements to DOING. According to the real feedback of the Indian customer, "unlike other pyrolysis machine manufacturers, DOING sales manager made several detailed schemes based on the our actual situation and machine types of DOING researched, and displayed both the advantages and disadvantages of all these schemes for our reference." That's also one important factor for the Indian customer to reach the final cooperation with DOING.

Three types of pyrolysis machines DOING suppliedThree types of pyrolysis machines DOING supplied

The semi-continuous pyrolysis machine ordered by the Indian customer has the unique design to enhance work efficiency, which can finish three batches of processing within two days, and can discharge final products without cooling the reactor to save much work time compared with the batch-type pyrolysis machine. And our semi-continuous pyrolysis machine adopts the water tank cooling system, which has high cooling effect while avoiding any water pollution.

About twenty days later, these two sets of 15TPD pyrolysis machines will arrive in India, and then our engineer will provide technical and professional guidance and training to help our Indian customer set up the pyrolysis machine project as soon as possible.

Comprehensive services provided by DOINGComprehensive services provided by DOING

In the Indian market of pyrolysis machine, DOING has occupied a certain position, and we have cooperated with many Indian customers on our pyrolysis machines of various types, from skid-mounted batch type to the fully continuous type, which all received great feedback. And in addition to India, we also have friendly cooperation with our customers in other countries, such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Ghana, Colombia, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. If you also want to set up similar projects in your countries, just feel free to contact us!

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