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​Taiwan customer ordered a tire steel wire separator cutting machine from DOING company

2022-12-14 13:24:21 DOING News Chat online Leave a message

Congratulations!On November 11,2022,a Taiwan customer purchased a tire steel wire separator cutting machine from DOING factory.The tire steel wire separator cutting machine mainly used for cutting waste tyres in segments and remove the steel wires from waste tyres.It can break waste tyres efficiently and quickly and canbe used for waste tyres pyrolysis plant.

轮胎去口一体机.jpgTire steel wire separator cutting machine

The Taiwanese customerwhois in the construction industry and sees the tire pyrolysis to oil industry is very profitable,so he is planning to expand his business field. What he mainly wants to buy is waste tyre pyrolysis plant,so the customer contacts us through our official website. The customer's raw materials are relatively sufficient, so he decided to buy a tire cutting machine from our company first, and then buy the pyrolysis plant after the raw materials are almost processed by the tire cutter.

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