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​ 500kg/d plastic/tyres pyrolysis and pyrolysis oil distillation plant were delivered to Italy

11-24-2022 14:56:30 DOING News Chat online Leave a message

On Novmber 4th, 2022, the mini 500kg/d waste plastics/tyres pyrolysis and pyrolysis oil distillation production line purchased by the Italian customer has been successfully delivered from Henan DOING Factory.

700-525 意大利.jpgMini 500kg/d pyrolysis and distillation production line delivery

The equipment the Italian client bought includes 500kg plastic/tyres to oil pyrolysis plant, and 500kg/d pyrolysis oil distillation plant. The machines are the first choice for small scale pyrolysis and distillation plant business newcomer because the machine takes less cost which are hot sale product in our company.

Henan DOING Company is committed to providing customers with the most professional equipment and services. If you have the needs of mini 500kg/d pyrolysis and distillation production line, please feel free to contact us.

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