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One set 10T/D tyre pyrolysis plant delivered to Hebei Province, China

2018-10-06 15:05:29 DOING News
tyre pyrolysis plant delivered
10T/D tyre pyrolysis plant delivered from our factory

The customer is from Zhangjiakou city, Hebei Province. He is a very young entrepreneur who learned about tyre pyrolysis plant from his friend who has been running the same business for two years, and the profits are very impressive. His friend also told him that the tyre pyrolysis plant he bought got some problems during the operation, and suggested him to compare different tyre pyrolysis plant suppliers and choose a good quality machine .

pyrolysis plant China
10T/D tyre pyrolysis plant in DOING factory

By accepting his friend’s advice, the customer firstly came to visit our tyre pyrolysis plant and  got a very good impression on us. Later, he went to other suppliers to check the tyre pyrolysis plant,  but still think our tyre pyrolysis plant  is much better. The customer is a very decisive investor who signed a purchase contract with us less than 5 days after visiting the tyre pyrolysis plant in our factory.
tyre pyrolysis plant parts
10T/D tyre pyrolysis plant parts

The 10T/D tyre pyrolysis plant was delivered at the end of last month. Now our engineer has been on the scene to guide the installation of tyre pyrolysis plant. After the installation of this tyre pyrolysis plant is completed, it can obtain the following considerable profits to our Hebei Province customer:

Profit analysisReference to process 10T/D tyre pyrolysis plant
Running cost / Day
Waste tires 10T*58USD/T=582USD
Heating fuel
(Just choose one from the options)
1)Coal: 0.4T*58USD/T=23USD
2)Fuel oil: 0.4T*364USD/T=146USD
4)Natural gas: 150M3*0.33USD/M3=4.9USD
Power consumption 15Kw/h
Water consumption Water is for circulating use, no consumption
Required workers 3 workers per shift * 22USD =65USD
Income / Day
Fuel oil 4.5T*364USD/T=1637USD
Carbon black 1)selling directly,3T*73USD/T=218USD
Steel wire 1.5T*116USD/T=175USD
Daily profit
Use fuel oil for heating and sell carbon black directly
10T/D tyre pyrolysis plant profit analysis

After the tyre pyrolysis plant put into operation, and  get profits, the customer is ready to add another two sets of tyre pyrolysis plants to further expand its business scale!

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