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6 sets of 12T waste tyre pyrolysis machine were sent to China’s Yunnan

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On October 9, 6 sets of 12T waste tyre pyrolysis machine were successfully sent to Yunnan Province, China.The customer ordered a complete set of waste tyre pyrolysis machine, including pyrolysis reactor, auto-feeder, cooling tube, oil-gas separator, oil-water separator, condenser, heavy oil tank, light oil tank, anti-back fire device vacuum system, dedusting device and other environmental protection equipments. The customer was very satisfied with our waste tyre pyrolysis machines, especially environmental protection equipments, which passed the environmental assessment smoothly. Here are some pictures taken while loading the equipments.

waste tyre pyrolysis machineMaking an inventory of the parts of waste tyre pyrolysis machine

waste tyre pyrolysis to oil machineLoading the reactors and cooling tubes of waste tyre pyrolysis machine

Before making an order, the customer asked many of questions to our project manager, such as why our waste tyre pyrolysis machine has so many parts, what the use of all these parts of our waste tyre pyrolysis machine, whether the environmental protection equipment is neccessary and so on. Of course he got satisfactory answers from our project manager. He said if the 6 sets of 12T waste tyre pyrolysis machines work well, he will order tyre prolysis oil to diesel distillation plant in the future.

If you are interested in this waste tyre pyrolysis machine, please contact us directly. Our project manager will give you a detail explanation.

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