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The Development of Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant (1)

Here I’d like to introduce a new structure of horizontal waste tyre pyrolysis plant, compare with compared with the existing test pyrolysis plant domestic and abroad , the structure has the flexibility to adjust operating, simple structure, high heat transfer efficiency, high degree of automation etc.
With the waste tyre serious pollution increasingly on the environment, the topic of waste tyres recycling and reuse can be as the secondary resources has being concerned by more and more national governments and environmental departments. After years of exploration, pyrolysis technology is recognized as one of the best ways to deal with waste tyre problem.
Waste tyre pyrolysis plant not only can discharge with no pollutions, also can be generated carbon black, fuel oil and other useful products, environmentally friendly and economic benefits. Thus, in recent years, countries have the technology for a constantly developing. So far pyrolysis technology and related plant research and development have a good achievement. In recent years, China has been conducting of studying pyrolysis technology. Henan DOING Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd which has made a great progress in their pyrolysis process and plant development with a better quality of pyrolysis products. Currently, the test operation is more mature. And exported to many countries, such as European, Southeast Asian, South American countries etc, and get a good feedback from customers.

Process of working
Waste tyre pyrolysis plant working process, see below pic.
waste tyre pyrolysis plan workig process
Waste tyre pyrolysis plant working process
When Waste tyre pyrolysis plant Feeding, they using tire cutting machine to remove the tyre wire , then through the automatic feeder into the pyrolysis reactor, pyrolysis gas go back into the condenser to cool down, then get pyrolysis oil and non-condensable gases. pyrolysis oil may be directly used as fuel or for further distillation and separation unit operations to give a higher quality oil - diesel oil. Non-condensable gas will go into the furnace as a fuel to heating the reactor. Cleavage product was cooled to normal temperature, carbon black will be discharged from the bottom, and then through the carbon black conveyor finely fine grinding machine, and then separated to give a product of high quality carbon black.

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