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The Development of Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant (2)

Tyre Pyrolysis Plant is to achieve the ultimate cleavage reaction place; it is the key to the success of the entire design process. In many previous studies, although can get a good quality of pyrolysis products, but so far has not been possible to achieve industrialization, the main reason is that the design is very difficult to meet the requirements of the tyre pyrolysis plant.
 tyre pyrolysis plant
For the special requirements of the pyrolysis plant, in addition to the basic requirements of the reaction conditions, the following issues should pay attention to in the design of the pyrolysis plant.
1)The complexity of the feeding
Many types of tires and tire performance with the development of the rubber industry are constantly improving, so Pyrolysis plant for feeding is uncertain and accordingly, pyrolysis plant requirements within a certain range of parameters should be adjusted flexibly.
2)Sealing Requirements
Since the hydrogen-rich pyrolysis gas and other flammable hydrocarbon gas, so leakage of pyrolysis plant should be more stringent control measures.
3)The high temperature reaction conditions
Maximum pyrolysis temperature up to 500 degrees Celsius, apparently sealed furnace design and structure, its furnace Thermal expansion of the structure is a critical factor to be considered.
4)Insulation requirements
If improper insulation, easily pyrolysis gas cylinder at low temperature cracking tower condensed and liquefied in the cleavage site of the tower bottoms carbon inflow
Black product , not only affect the quality of the carbon black, there may even form a sticky paste chunks of black outlet obstructions .
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