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Can pyrolysis machine be used to generate electricity?

Many wastes can be recycled into fuel oil energy by pyrolysis machine, and the obtained pyrolysis oil is a good heating fuel to generate heat and electrical power. So can pyrolysis machine be used to generate electricity? The answer is absolutely YES.

1. What raw material can be recycled by pyrolysis machines to generate electricity?

In fact, the process of pyrolysis is to use the method that under high temperature conditions to break the macro-molecular chain, thereby decomposing it into small molecules and finally you will get pyrolysis oil after the complete process.

pyrolysis plantWaste to oil pyrolysis plant

DOING pyrolysis machines can use this principle to produce fuel oil from waste plastics/tires/oil sludge/coal tar oi, etc, you can pyrolysis oil used as a fuel to generate heat and electrical power. So choosing the right material is a necessary condition for this pyroysis oil production project to generate electricity.

2. How does pyrolysis generate electricity?

As we mentioned above, waste plastic/tires to fuel uses the principle of pyrolysis to convert high molecular compounds into a variety of low molecular compounds. Therefore, waste is first pyrolized into oil gas through DOING pyrolysis plant at stable temperature. Then the oil gas will be cooled into liquid oil through cooling systems, and finally liquid pyrolysis fuel oil and carbon black are obtained.

pyrolysis plantThe product and applications of pyrolysis plant

After more than 10 years of exploration, DOING pyrolysis machine has been further improved to increase efficiency, and through a unique four-stage cooling system, depending on your different kinds of waste tires/plastics, ensure its high oil yield from 40% to 90%.

The obtained pyrolysis oil can be used as fuel in various heavy industrial plants such as steel plants, cement plants, boiler plants, power plants or some agricultural equipment. Considering different conditions of each country, you can choose different ways to deal with these pyrolysis oil. For example, there is a huge lack of electricity in the South of Africa, the pyrolysis oil used as a fuel to generate heat and electrical power which will help them to sort out many electricity problems. But also you can further refine the pyrolysis oil into diesel through a distillation plant to get diesel and generate heat and electrical power as well.

If you want to get fuel oil to generate electricity by waste to energy pyrolysis machines, please consult us for free.

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