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How to separate fuel oil, water and sediment from waste oil sludge?

As we know, oil sludge is very rich in oil components and it is a good kind of raw material for recycling, from which high quality fuel oil can be obtained. Oil sludge has different conditions and it can be classified into different grades as per its water content, so the solutions to process waste oil sludge will be different.

We Henan Doing Company can provide different solutions for different grades of oil sludge to separate the fuel oil, water and sediment. Waste oil sludge can be either processed with our waste pyrolysis plant or waste oil distillation plant. If the oil sludge is very thin or in liquid condition, it can be treated like used oil through our waste oil distillation plant to produce diesel fuel. If it is in soil or solid condition, our pyrolysis plant will be more suitable.

waste oil pyrolysis distillation plantWaste oil sludge pyrolysis distillation plant for separation

Our waste oil sludge pyrolysis plant can effectively convert oil sludge into fuel oil, clay as well as flammable syn-gas, with the fuel oil accounting for about 40% to 80%, clay 20% to 40% and syn-gas around 20%. Our waste oil distillation plant can convert liquid oil sludge into diesel and slag with main components similar to bitumen.

The following are about the applications of the final products obtained from our waste pyrolysis plant specially for oil sludge processing.

The main application of oil products produced by our waste pyrolysis plant is the fuel oil that is widely used for industrial and commercial purposes. For example, the fuel oil can be used as heating fuel for boiler factory, cement factory, glass factory and power factory, etc. And the diesel fuel can also be also used for heavy duty vehicles in addition to the above applications.

waste oil sludge separation pyrolysis plantApplications of fuel oil seperated from oil sludge pyrolysis plant

The clay or bitumen got from waste oil sludge can be respectively used as construction material and water proof material.

The 3rd product of our waste oil sludge pyrolysis plant is syn-gas and the main component of the syn-gas is bio-gas (CH4), so we can not condense and store these gases. We use these gases as the heating energy for the waste oil sludge pyrolysis plant or oil distillation plant and we can use exceed gases for other heating applications.

If you have waste oil sludge that needs to be processed, please do not feel free to contact us. From waste oil sludge pyrolysis distillation plant selection to installation, we have experienced sales manager and engineer team to customize suitable solutions for you to make full use of your investment and benefit more.

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