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What machine turns plastic into diesel?

To turn plastic into diesel, we need two machines: waste plastic pyrolysis machine and waste oil distillation machine. And to meet customers' various demands, here DOING Company makes two schemes of plastic to diesel machines for your reference.

Then let's have a detailed introduction about plastic to diesel machine.

1. Working process of turning plastic to diesel

Step 1: Turn plastic to fuel oil with waste plastic pyrolysis machine

Put waste plastics into pyrolysis plant, heat the reactor to a certain temperature and plastics will be pyrolyzed to oil gas. When oil gas goes through oil-water separator and cooling system, the oil gas will be cooled down to liquid fuel oil.

Working process of waste plastic to fuel oilWorking process of converting waste plastic to fuel oil

Step 2: Turn fuel oil to diesel with waste oil distillation machine

Put fuel oil to waste oil distillation machine, heat the reactor and the fuel oil will be evaporated and catalyzed. After cooling, we can get the liquid oil. Then we will remove the color and bad smell of the oil with the purifying system. Finally, we can get good quality diesel.

Working process of purifying fuel oil to dieselWorking process of purifying fuel oil to diesel

2. Two schemes of DOING plastic to diesel machines

Scheme 1: Small scale plastic to diesel machine

This scheme is the combination of 100/500KG waste plastic pyrolysis machine and 100/500KG waste oil distillation machine, which needs relatively little investment of money and effort.

Scheme 2: Middle/ Large scale plastic to diesel machine

This scheme is the combination of 1TPD-20+TPD waste plastic pyrolysis machine and 1TPD-14+TPD waste oil distillation machine, which has bigger processing capacity and higher working efficiency.

These two schemes both can turn plastic to good quality diesel, which can be used in boilers, generators, burners, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, ship engines, etc. So you can choose the suitable scheme based on your demands.

Applications of obtained dieselApplications of obtained diesel

However, the final oil yield of the obtained diesel depends on the types of the waste plastics. Different plastics have different oil yield. If you want to obtain more good quality diesel, just choose the higher purity plastics with high oil yield.

DOING has researched the waste plastic pyrolysis machine&waste oil distillation machine for over 13 years, which has abundant experience and the latest technology. If you are interested in turning plastic into diesel, welcome to contact us! And in order to provide the most suitable solution, you can consider the following questions:

No. 1: What kind of plastic waste is it? Please show us a picture to see its condition.

No. 2: How big is your plastic daily processing capacity?

No. 3: What kind of budget range do you plan for this project?

Our sales manager will provide professional guidance and advice according to your questions.

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