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What kind of tire derived fuel(TDF) can be obtained from scrap tire recycling?

As a reliable waste tire pyrolysis plant manufacturer and supplier with abundant experience, DOING has been committed to enhancing the design and technology of the waste tire pyrolysis plant, and now DOING waste tire pyrolysis plant can help our customers make full use of the tires to obtain the tire derived fuel(TDF)- tire oil (a kind of heating fuel, heating value is 10592.48Kcal/kg), carbon black and combustible gas recycled to heat furnace.

TDF obtained from waste tire pyrolysis plantTDF obtained from waste tire pyrolysis plant

1) About 45% to 47% tire furnace oil.

The oil has a very high calorific value and is used as an alternative heating fuel to diesel. It can be sold to boilers, glass factories, brick factories, steel mills, anything that needs to heat fuel and is a potential user of oil. And if you want to enhance the furnace oil quality, DOING also can provide the pyrolysis oil to diesel distillation machines to refine furnace oil to non-standard diesel, which has wider applications.

Applications of obtained tire furnace oilApplications of obtained tire furnace oil

2) Abour 30% carbon black.

The carbon black obtained from waste tire pyrolysis plant is crude carbon black, not the standard carbon black such as N220 and N330 that everyone mentions. Crude carbon black can be sold directly to cement plants as an additive in cement production, or it can be pressed into balls and burned with coal to save on the cost of combustion. Of course, if one wishes to obtain a standard grade of carbon black, DOING can also provide the corresponding solution.

Applications of obtained carbon blackApplications of obtained carbon black

3) About 10% syngas.

Exhaust gas is a non-condensable but flammable gas, much of which is recovered by direct injection into furnaces for combustion. Some customers have argued that there will be excess exhaust gas that can be used. If they want to use 100% of it, DOING can offer gas compression schemes to store it in a safe way. There may be customers who have seen the gas bag before, but the safety performance of such a scheme is not guaranteed like DOING's scheme.

All in all, waste tire-derived fuels are a topic of great interest, with great potential to solve the conundrum between waste tire disposal and energy demand. As for scrap tire recycling, apart from the common disposing methods, such as landfilling, burning, recycling to make new rubber products, waste tire pyrolysis plant projects may be the best solution, which have both environmental and economic profits.

DOING pyrolysis plant for saleDOING pyrolysis plant for sale

And apart from scrap tires, our pyrolysis plant can also recycle other wastes, such as plastics, oil sludge, e-waste, etc. And DOING has more than 10 years of experience in the industry and has provided corresponding environmental solutions to over 90 countries around the world based on their actual situation and recycled raw materials. Feel free to contact DOING if you want to get involved in the scrap tire recycling industry in your area or have questions about our waste tire pyrolysis plant.

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