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Which company supplies continuous pyrolysis machines for sale in India?

As we all know, pyrolysis machines can realize environmentally friendly recycling of waste and has become a hot business in many countries. But for some countries, like India, which has higher requirements for processing capacity and environmental protection, the common batch type and semi-continuous pyrolysis machines can't meet their demands well. So continuous pyrolysis machines will be a better choice.

DOING continuous pyrolysis machine for saleDOING continuous pyrolysis machine for sale

Compared with these intermediary manufacturers and some pyrolysis machine manufacturers which don't have mature technology, Henan DOING Company can supply the continuous pyrolysis machines for sale in India with good quality and excellent performance.

1. Strong overall strength

Henan DOING Company has been involved in the pyrolysis machine industry for 13 years, whose pyrolysis machines have been exported to more than 90 countries around the world. We have our own pyrolysis machine production factory. Almost there are customers visiting the factory every day, which covers an area of more than 40,000 square meters and owns a professional engineer team and service team.

Manufacturing factory and professional engineer team of DOINGManufacturing factory and professional engineer team of DOING

2. Advantages of DOING continuous pyrolysis machine

Our continuous pyrolysis machines have the advantage of maximum automation, safety and high operating efficiency, taking only three to four hours from feeding to discharging. In the case of sufficient raw materials, it can be continuously fed and slag, uninterrupted operation for 2 months. Since the feed and discharge are all sealed, it ensures the smooth and safe operation of the equipment seal, and won't produce any pollution. In addition, our continuous pyrolysis machine has a bigger processing capacity, like 30, 40 and 50 tons per day, which can meet the demand of our Indian customers well. And if you need larger processing capacity, we can also provide the customization service for you.

Advantages of DOING continuous pyrolysis machineAdvantages of DOING continuous pyrolysis machine

3. Abundant continuous pyrolysis machine projects experience

DOING continuous pyrolysis machines have been installed and put into operation successfully in many countries, such as Yuxi City, Chongqing City and Fuxin City in China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Brazil and the USA. In addition, just several months ago, we helped our Indian customer successfully install a set of 50TPD continuous pyrolysis machines in India, which has been put into operation smoothly. And we also have professional engineers and technical teams, professional and responsible after-sales team, in the pre-sale, negotiation process and after-sales will give customers the greatest help and support.

DOING continuous pyrolysis machine project in IndiaDOING continuous pyrolysis machine project in India

In a word, DOING can supply continuous pyrolysis machines for sale in India, which can well meet the demands of you. So for more details about the continuous pyrolysis machine, just feel free to contact us directly!

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