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How profitable is it to run a waste tyre pyrolysis business in Pakistan?

Recently, many Pakistani customers have inquired about the waste tyre pyrolysis business. Given that DOING has been manufacturing waste tyre pyrolysis machines for nearly 10 years and has sold waste tyre pyrolysis machines to more than 60 countries, including Pakistan, today we will see how profitable it is to run a waste tyre pyrolysis business in Pakistan based on feedback from our Pakistani customers, both in terms of cost and revenue.

waste tyre pyrolysis machineHow profitable is it to run a waste tyre pyrolysis business in Pakistan?

▶ The costs of running this waste tyre pyrolysis business:

There are 5 possible costs: raw materials, electricity, fuel, water, and manpower. The fuel oil produced by Doing waste tyre pyrolysis machine can be used directly to heat the pyrolysis reactor, greatly reducing the cost of fuel. Moreover, the condensation system in Doing waste tyre pyrolysis machine uses recycled water, and the consumption rate is close to zero and negligible.

1. Raw materials

If you need to process 10 tons of waste tyres per day, the cost of collecting waste tyres will be the main cost of running this business. The price of waste tyres on the market is about 80 USD per ton. According to the feedback from Pakistani customers, if you can contact some waste management companies or government departments, you can get waste tyres for free or even get subsidies, then this is a very good thing for you.

2. Electricity consumption

Take the machine with a daily output of 10 tons as an example, which is our customer's favorite model, it consumes about 300kwh of electricity per day, and according to the feedback from Pakistani customers, it costs about 20 USD per day for electricity.

3. Manpower

Three or four people are needed to operate the waste tyre pyrolysis machine per day, and the machine runs 20-22 hours per day. According to customers’ feedback, the local labor cost is about 10 USD per person per day.

The revenue of running this waste tyre pyrolysis business:

The revenue comes from 3 main products: fuel oil, carbon black, and steel wire. Depending on the quality of the waste tires, the percentage of the products will vary. The yield of fuel oil is about 40%-45%, carbon black is about 30%-35%, steel wire is about 10%-15%, and combustible gas is about 5%-10%. The combustible gas will be totally used as fuel to heat the pyrolysis reactor.

doing waste tyre pyrolysis machineThe products of waste tyre pyrolysis machine

1. Pyrolysis oil

Pyrolysis oil is a kind of heavy oil, which is a good heating fuel with a calorific value of 10592.48 Kcal/kg, much higher than that of coal. It has a good market in all countries. This fuel oil is widely used in boiler plants, cement plants, steel plants, brick plants, glass plants, heavy oil power plants, heating supply centers, etc. It can also be further refined into light diesel oil with higher calorific value. According to the feedback from Pakistani customers, the direct selling price is about 400 USD/ton.

2. Carbon black

It can be used as solid fuel, also used to improve liquid fuel, as adsorbent, active coal substitute, or used as filling material for the production of new low-load rubber products, coloring agent for the production of paint, pigment, cement, etc., filling material for rubber asphalt mastic, treatment substance for mercury-containing materials (light bulb, etc.), etc. And for the direct selling price, it’s about 30 USD per ton.

3. Steel wires

It can be sold directly, or further melted and cast to produce metal products. The direct sales price is about 200 USD per ton.

From this, we can derive the following profitability analysis table.

Profitability Analysis For 10t Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Machine
Waste Tyre 10t * 80 USD/t = 800 USD
Electricity Consumption 20 USD
Manpower 3 persons * 10 USD = 30 USD
Fuel Oil 4t * 400 USD/t = 1600 USD
Carbon Black 3t * 30 USD/t = 90 USD
Steel Wires 1.5t * 200 USD/t = 300 USD
Profit 1140 USD

As you can see from the above table, running a waste tyre pyrolysis business in Pakistan is a profitable business. Doing Group has put decades of effort to continuously develop and upgrade our waste tyre pyrolysis machine to ensure the quality of the machine and high oil production rate to maximize the profitability of our customers. If you also want to start a waste tyre pyrolysis business, please feel free to contact us.

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