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Waste tyre recycling machine technical characteristics

Waste tyre recycling machine working process:
Waste tire pyrolysis is a process in which waste tires/plastic/rubber under a high temperature with some controlled conditions such as cooling, purify and so on, resulting in fuel oil, carbon black and steel wire with a automatic slagging system and feeding system.

waste tyre recycling machine
Waste tyre recycling machine

Main technical characteristics of waste tyre recycling machine:
1. Fully enclosed, continuous feeding and slagging system, more than three times production efficiency compared with intermittent rotary machine.
2. A new heating method is using indirect heating to prolong the reactor service life. When system has problem occurs, turn off the fan, you can instantly cut off the heat source to ensure system security.
3. Catalytic pyrolysis process and product chemical extraction techniques. According to customer needs, with different types of specialized catalysts, and reducing the sulfur content and density of oil, while the oil well to improve the smell and color, and can also play off of oil mixed, pour the action to solve the problems of the oil industry impurities, good smell, difficult storage problems. For example, tire oil after using of specialized catalysts, oil color from black to red transparent original production of oil can be last a long time, good antioxidant effect.
4. Have a good environmental protection system. Such as waste gas processing system and desulfurization and dedusting device.
5. Suitable tire recycling machine designs advanced manufacturing technology, high degree of automation, safety facilities.
With using waste tyre recycling to oil “turn waste to energy”. Henan DOING Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd has a advanced technology, small investment, return quickly, with a better prospects, Waste tyre recycling machine is a good choice to set up factory.

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