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What is the feature of waste tyre recycling plant ?

2018-01-24 17:10:54 Industry News
tyre recycling plant
Waste tyre recycling plant

  100% wastage tyre recycling is achieved (No churn left after the process)
    No chemical ingredients are used in process (environment friendly)
    During and after the process; no soil, water or air pollution is observed.
    Creates economically valuable products out of wastage tyres (These are an industrial product that have a good market value and demand)
    The most cost-effective wastage tyre recycling technology in the world.
    Raw material (wastage tyre) is cheap and easy to provide. These are the by-products of tyre production.
    Each recycled ton of tyres preserves 10 tons of CO2 that is a major green house gas.
    The process can be applied to all rubber based materials.
    The system creates an alternate source of energy to replace petroleum products and natural gas.
    System gives the opportunity to governments and local administrations to deal with the wastage tyre problem to a great extent.

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