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What can plastic waste be recycled into?

2019-04-15 17:31:00 Industry News

The plastic waste is made from crude oil. Now with the latest plastic pyrolysis plant, these plastic waste can be recycled into fuel oil and carbon black . Do you know what is the process?

When heated to a certain temperature, the polymer contained in plastic waste can be cracked into monomer and the monomers recombine to form new compounds and that is oil gas. The oil gas turns into liquid fuel oil after through cooling system. The carbon black remain in the reactor and can be discharged to use directly.

plastic recycling processWaste plastic to fuel oil process

This process does not require plastic sorting or cleaning process, as long as the water content of the plastic is no more than 50%, so the entire process does not require a lot of labor, so it is easy for start-up investment. Moreover, the plastic pyrolysis plant is environmental friendly, no waste water and waste gas generate.

Most of the plastic waste can be recycled into fuel oil and carbon black with plastic pyrolysis plant, this fuel oil can be used into industrial heating, such as steel factory, cement factory, glass factory, and so on. It can also be used as raw material for diesel producing plant.

plastic pyrolysis oil usesFuel oil application

And the carbon black can be used as raw material for tire and rubber manufacture. The products recycled from plastic by plastic pyrolysis plant has a bigger range of usage and market, it is a scientific solution so far.

product from plasticCarbon black application

Now the price of raw petroleum is getting higher and higher, the substitution of oil is becoming more and more popular. Plastic pyrolysis plant supplies a exciting method to get oil from low-cost plastic waste.

waste plastic pyrolysis plant DOING latest design plastic pyrolysis plant

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