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What is substitutes fuel energy for industrial fuel?

With the rising national fuel prices and the global shortage of fuel-like resources such as natural gas and coal, the search for new alternative energy sources is unstoppable. Here, Henan Doing Company provides you with an excellent substitutes fuel energy solution for industrial fuels, namely pyrolysis oil.

First of all, let me give a brief introduction about pyrolysis oil and its industrial applications for you.

Pyrolysis oil is a heavy oil with a high calorific value, with a total calorific value of about 44.32MJ/kg, so it can take full advantage of its high calorific value, as coal, petroleum, alternative to natural gas and wood, used as industrial fuel.

Coal oil natural gas.jpgPyrolysis oil can substitutes coal and wind powder generation

The heating function application range of this pyrolysis oil includes but is not limited to cement plants, ceramic tiles firing factories, brick factories, ceramic factories, boiler factories, power plants, ships, etc. In addition, if you have high industrial fuel requirements, you can adopt the pyrolysis oil refinery plant to further refine the pyrolysis oil into light diesel oil with bright color, which can be used in large diesel motors or heavy machinery.

裂解油的用途.jpgThe applications of pyrolysis oil

So how to get this pyrolysis oil? In fact, it is to use the principle of pyrolysis, in the absence of oxygen, to carry out chemical bond cleavage and reunion operations on polymer compounds such as waste tires, waste rubber, waste plastics, waste oil sludge, coal tar, etc., and convert them into high value energy like pyrolysis fuel oil, syn-gas and carbon black.

This resource reuse method of extracting industrial fuel substitutes (Pyrolysis Oil) from waste can effectively alleviate the energy shortage, and also greatly reduce the pollution of waste to the environment. The waste to fuel oil pyrolysis plant project can bring great economical and social benefits. Many countries even gave subsidies and policy support for related waste to fuel oil pyrolysis plants.

项目案例3.jpgPyrolysis plant project cases

At present, Henan Doing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has comprehensively instructed customers from more than 100 countries and regions to build related environmental protection pyrolysis projects from waste to pyrolysis fuel oil energy. With a professional team of engineers, rich experience in project installation, excellent quality of pyrolysis machines, and comprehensive technical services, DOING has become the first popular choice for many customers to purchase pyrolysis machines, and is widely trusted and praised.

If you also want to build your own pyrolysis plant project, please contact us for the best pyrolysis solution. Looking forward to your friendly cooperation!

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