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Why is waste tire to oil recycling plant very popular in Africa?

2019-07-04 15:29:37 Industry News

The waste tire to oil recycling plant in Africa is very popular, because it is good for the local market, with high and efficient profit returns, and the ability to solve the problem of waste tire in Africa.

tire to oil plantWaste tire to oil recycling plant project installed in Africa

The waste tire recycling plant can treat a large number of waste tires in a centralized manner As we all know, Africa is sparsely populated, the use of cars is very high, and the road conditions in many parts of Africa are very bad, so the service life of cars or truck tires is relatively short. A large number of replaced tires were randomly stacked on the side of the road, creating black pollution.

tyre recycling plant in AfricaHeavy traffic on African roads

So many local people have seen this phenomenon and want to use waste tire to oil recycling plant to convert waste tyre to oil, steel wire and carbon black that can be reused in Africa.

They can easily collect a large amount of waste tires from local market, and the price is low, even some waste tires no need any cost. The recovered waste tires are processed by waste tire recycling to oil plant to obtain fuel oil. Fuel oil can be sold at high prices to local cement plants, steel plants, brick factories, generator factories, etc. In this way, they can get high profits from the project.[ Market and profit analysis of waste tyre to oil plant project]

pyrolysis plant profit analysisProducts application of waste tire to oil recycling plant

On the other hand, as Africa develops more and more rapidly, people's awareness of waste disposal and environmental protection is becoming stronger and stronger. As the waste tire to oil recycling plant can solve the problem that waste tires are difficult to degrade, occupy land, and easy to cause fires, so it is getting more and more pupular in Africa.

tire to oil recycling plantPiles of waste tyres in Africa

If you also want to do something to solve the waste tire pollution and get high profit in Africa, welcome consult us about this project.


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