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The pyrolysis technology of DOING waste plastic recycling to fuel oil machine

2016-10-21 11:52:49 Product Solutions
DOING revolutionary PYROLYSIS TECHNOLOGY can convert plastic to utra-clean and ultra-high heating value furnace oi, no matter it is clean or unwashed, unsorted waste plastics.. After furthering refining with DOING waste oil distillation machine, the fuel oil got from waste plastics is converted into diesel used for generators, trucks, vans, ships,etc.

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Plastic to Oil
But what is the principle of plastic pyrolysis technology?
 Plastic pyrolysis is a thermo decomposition of plastic polymer, since waste plastics are long chain polymers containing more than 50,000 carbon atoms attached to each other in a cross linked or straight chain.During high temperature processing, this long chain( C-50,000 to C-2,00,000) is broken down into smaller chain (C-1 to C-4 & C-5 to C-23). Among which, C5-C23 is oil got from long chain plastic polymer.
DOING PYROLYSIS TECHNOLOGY has successfully overcome the problem of white pollution in 23 countries which spread Africa, Asia, Middle-east, South America and Caribbean area.

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