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How to remove insulation from copper cable wire for recycling?

how to remove insulation
Scrap copper cable wire recycling machine is a kind of machinery used for recycling waste & scrap copper wire and cables, whose diameter should be below 25mm, Such as Auto electric wire, Motorcycle electric wire, Computer wire and other various miscellaneous material cables, communication cables, etc.
For now, we already design copper cable wire separating machine. It is specific gravity sorting machine.take the waste copper cable wire complex line crushed into 1-5mm copper and plastics mixture, separation and purification of copper and plastics technology to  separate copper and plastics by airflow, proportion, electricity,to achieve the dual use of copper and plastics.This technology is no pollution.We can produce the machines according to customer’s requirements.
copper cable recycling machine
The scrap copper wire have been shattered into particles through the crusher, then the particles by belt conveyor transport into the screening machine, plastic and copper two kind of different density of material through screening, the plastic and copper flow to different discharge hole.
cable recycling machine
Copper cable wire recycling machine working process

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