pyrolysis plant process

How to get pyrolysis oil from plastic waste?

Countless waste plastics waste are generated every year, which provides sufficient and cheap raw materials for extracting pyrolysis oil. And we can adopt plastic to oil pyrolysis plant to get the pyrolysis oil from through through three processes: high temperature pyrolysis, oil cooling and gas purification.

plastic pyrolysis plantPlastic pyrolysis business becomes mor and more popular

First step: pyrolyze the plastic waste into oil gas

We all know that plastics are composed of macromolecules. The pyrolysis principle is that at high temperatures, macromolecules will be broken into small molecules.These small molecules are oil gas.

Second step: cool down the oil gas into liquid oil

After the plastic waste is pyrolyzed into oil gas in the reactor, the oil gas will enter the cooling system and be cooled down to the liquid oil. And it’s worth mentioning that the cooling system of Doing Company has the fully cooling effect, which can ensure the high oil output.

Third step: purify the tail gas and waste gas

After the cooling system, the remaining non-condensable combustible gas can be used as fuel for heating the pyrolysis reactor after being purified by the tail gas cleaning system. And the waste gas generated during the plastic waste to oil pyrolysis process will enter the desulfurization tower for purification before being discharged into the atmosphere.

purification systemPurification system

The whole plastic waste to oil pyrolysis process designed by Doing company has mature technology and can reach the national environmental protection emission standard, which can pass the environmental impact assessment smoothly.

Doing Company has manufactured the plastic to oil pyrolysis plants for over 10 years. And our pyrolysis plants have been exported to over 90 countries by virtue of its high oil output, stale operation, high quality features, including the France, Italy, Spain, England etc. European countries, etc. All customers are welcome to consult us for machines details and free quotations!

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