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What factors should be considered before embarking on waste tire pyrolysis business?

Waste tire pyrolysis project is extremely profitable and has a good market prospect, and it is a business worthy of investment. However, before embarking on waste tire pyrolysis business, many factors should be taken in considerations, such as the material source and the final product market, government permission, waste tire pyrolysis machine and the plant building. After figuring out these factors, you can develop the waste tire pyrolysis business more efficiently and smoothly.

waste tire pyrolysis plant How to set up a waste tire/plastic pyrolysis plant

1.The material source and the final product market

The waste tires raw material investment cost and final product prices have direct influence on the profit of waste tire pyrolysis business. So it's important to make a research of the waste tires collecting way and the selling market of the final products. You need to assure that you have a stable and continuous supply of waste tires and find the buyers of the fuel oil, carbon black and the steel wire.

waste tire and waste plasticWaste tires and waste plastic

2.The government permission

Different places have different policies and requirements for embarking on waste tire pyrolysis business, some countries publishes policies to encourage to adopt fully continuous waste tires pyrolysis machine, while some countries encourage to shred the waste tires before pyrolyzing them. So it's necessary to learn about the relevant policies and handle the relevant procedures like EIA procedures, business license, etc to get the permission of government.

Doing Company's waste tire pyrolysis machine is equipped with environmental protection devices, which can help you pass the EIA procedures smoothly.

3.Waste tire pyrolysis machine

You can select suitable waste tire pyrolysis machine according to your requirements for processing volume and automation degree from professional manufacturer. Professional manufacturer can offer you the most suitable machine and the machine quality is guaranteed. And you can also learn about some waste tire pyrolysis machine project cases installed by the manufacturer for reference.

pyrolysis machine Different type waste tire/plastic pyrolysis machine

4.The land and the factory building

This project usually is installed in the industry park, but in different countries, there are different requirements. You could install it in a empty land that permitted by the government, the land size is mainly depends on the capacity and scale of machine you want to install. And you also need to consider how much material you want to store and how long time you will sell the final products to decide how large land you need to prepare.

Doing Company has been into fabrication of both fully continuous type and batch type waste tire pyrolysis machine. And And we have exported machines to more than 90 countries and regions to help customers realize the environmentally friendly pyrolysis of waste tires. If you have interests in embarking on waste tires pyrolysis business, welcome to contact us for more suggestions and machine details! 

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