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Industry’s prospects Waste of waste tire pyrolysis plant

As the country attaches importance to environmental issues, the management and disposal of waste tires becomes extremely important. As an important way to recycle waste tires, the research on the waste tires  treatment become positive significance for promoting the comprehensive utilization of resource conservation and the transformation of economic growth mode and sustainable development . But now the public has a misunderstanding of this issue, and there are many problems in the tire processing market, and it is not easy to develop in the future.

waste tire pyrolysis plant
DOING waste tire pyrolysis plant

The policy including the 《Basic Thoughts on the  13-5 National Environmental Protection Plan》 supported deep implementation , and the waste tire pyrolysis plant industry in China has increasingly achieved quantitative expansion during the 13-5 Plan period. Combined with the market situation in the first half of the year, The engineers team from DOING company predicted that in the "13-5 Plan" period and even for a long period of time in the future, the solid waste industry represented by waste tires will come into a real burst gold development period.

According to Henan DOING company engineers suggests, pyrolysis is the main way to recycle waste tires. The fuel oil can be extracted from waste tires by pyrolysis plant . The tail gas produced from the waste tire pyrolysis plantcould be cleaned and reused without generating pollution to the air. Take coal as an example (you can also use oil and natural gas), when burn it, there is black smoke generated. The waste tire pyrolysis plant is equipped with a dust remover, thus to keep there is no black smoke emission. And the entire circulating cooling system adopts circulation water without pollution. There is no waste water discharge. The waste residue is treated by high temperature without toxic material. And carbon black can be further grinded for finer powder, involving a wide range of applications. The combustible tail gas is the energy source from waste tire pyrolysis. Oil and carbon black are the main products of waste tire pyrolysis plant. From the quality and value of the products, waste tire pyrolysis plant  solves the problem of garbage pollution. While solving the problem of solid waste pollution, it has also created huge economic benefits, which can be described as a new model of circular economy.

waste tire pyrolysis plant working process
DOING company waste tire pyrolysis plant working process

DOING company waste tire pyrolysis plant is a modern management enterprise specializing in R&D and production of waste tire pyrolysis plant in China. It adopts international advanced management mode, in addition to pyrolysis waste plastics, waste rubber, waste sludge, and other solid waste. Henan DOING Company has passed ISO9001, ISO4001 international quality and environmental protection system certification, and its products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions such as Africa and Europe.

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China's "13-5 Plan" provides policy directions for the treatment and technological development of used tires. The need for sustainable development, the extension of producer responsibility, and the enhancement of corporate social responsibility have guided many tire companies to pay attention to waste tire treatment, and lead the waste tire pyrolysis plant industry to a new development path, creating a new model of circular economy.

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