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What is the application of carbon black from waste tire pyrolysis plant?

Disposing of waste tires by waste tire pyrolysis plant, we can get fuel oil, carbon black and steel wires. Fuel oil as the main final product, we have discussed its application a lot. So in this article, I’d like to discuss the application of carbon black produced by waste tire pyrolysis plant in detail.

waste tire pyrolysis plantThe byproducts of waste tire pyrolysis plant

Carbon black as the secondary byproduct also has a wide range of applications. Its application can be divided into two parts: direct use and use after further processing.

Direct use:

waste tire pyrolysis plantThe carbon black bricks

1.To make building bricks which can improve the quality of bricks

2.To make fuel rods mixed some residual oil and sawdust

4.To mix with other materials to soil which can improve the soil quality

Further processing:

There are two further processing ways of carbon black-one is carbon black briquetting machine, the other is carbon black grinding machine.

Carbon black briquetting machine can make the carbon black into carbon black pellets then it could be heat directly as coal.

waste rubber tire to fuel pyrolysis plantCarbon black briquetting machine

Carbon black grinding machine can refine the crude carbon black from waste tire pyrolysis plant. Although the pyrolysis carbon black has the similar physical and chemical property to the common used semi-reinforced carbon black, it’s too crude with high ash content and more oily materials on surface. This machine can grind the pyrolysis carbon black to get N550, N660,N774 and other semi-reinforced carbon black which can be used for the making kinds of rubber products and paint materials.

waste tire to fuel oil pyrolysis plantCarbon black grinding machine

Whatever you use the carbon black in direct way or further processing way, both of them can help you make profits. But it’s only part profits of the waste tire pyrolysis plant business.The other two byproducts also can help you get enough profits. If you are interested in this waste tire pyrolysis plant, please feel free to contact with us.

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