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Happy 10th Anniversary of Doing Company!

2021-03-16 11:47:20 DOING News Chat online Leave a message

10th anniversary of Doing companyHappy 10th Anniversary of Doing Company

March 15, 2021 is the 10th anniversary of the founding of Doing Company. Ten years ago on March 15, Doing company was born. At that time it was timid little shoot just arching out of the ground. During the ten years of growth, it has been committed to the development of environmentally friendly waste pyrolysis plant, and successfully developed a new type of full continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant, which has greatly improved the working efficiency and oil yield, and won unanimous praise from customers. Now, it has become a delicate flower in the wind and rain. The future is still many decades, may this flower can always bloom, may we go through thick and thin, all the way!

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