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2 sets 12T/D waste tire pyrolysis plant delivered to Inner Mongolia

2018-08-29 15:02:15 DOING News
Our Inner Mongolia Tuoketuo customers have obtained the approval procedures of the environmental protection department, and are ready to scale and legally operate the waste tire pyrolysis plant factory. Since the customers in Inner Mongolia have obtained the procedures before purchasing the  waste tire pyrolysis plant, so have a strict requirements to the environmental protection of the equipment. Inner Mongolia customers visited our factory in August of last year. Compared a number of equipment suppliers, he still feel that our pyrolysis plant is more in line with their requirements.

waste tire pyrolysis plant
Waste tire pyrolysis plant was delivered

Based on the size of the customer's waste tire pyrolysis plant, we recommend our customers to install our latest wind conveying carbon black discharge system. currently  we are first supplier  of the system in China. Its outstanding advantages are saving time, saving floor space, eliminating carbon black concentration, and facilitating package transportation. And this set system is highlighted by another advantage. Sometimes it is bigger, the advantage is more obvious, and the return on investment is higher. This is one of the reasons why customers choose our equipment.

Tire pyrolysis plant parts
Inner Mongolia 2 sets waste tire pyrolysis plant parts

The customer has purchased the land needed for the waste tire pyrolysis plant in an industrial park in the local area, preparing to buy 8-12 sets of equipment, and at the first cooperation, they plan to buy one set of 2 sets of 12 tons waste tire pyrolysis plant. The equipment has been successfully delivered from our factory yesterday. After the customer has signed a contract with us, the deposit is paid. They began to prepare the foundation. Our engineers designed the foundation map for the customer according to the customer's requirements. Thanks to the joint efforts of our engineers and customers, the foundation of the customer has been designed and the road surface has been hardened.

Today our team of engineers has gone to Inner Mongolia to prepare for on-site inspection and installation work for customers.

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