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UAE customer came to inspect tyre to diesel plants

2018-09-26 17:49:01 DOING News
UAE customer with our colleague in our factory
UAE customer with our colleague in our factory

UAE customer ordered the tyre to diesel plants which include 3 sets of 10T/D waste tyre pyrolysis plants and one set of 10T/D  waste oil distillation plant. Due to the large order quantity, customer came to our factory for inspection after all the equipments are ready.

UAE customer in our factory
UAE customer in our factory

UAE customer are accompanied by our business to visit 10T/D tyre to diesel plants.

UAE customer waste oil refining equipment
UAE customer see 10 tons tyre to diesel in our factory workshop.
As the customer told, less than 1% of the waste tires is currently recycled in the UAE. A large amount of waste tires are piled up locally and this customer is from Sharjah.Sharjah  has millions of used tires, many of which are in unmanaged landfills. Due to the high risk of fire in the area, these tires pose a threat to health and the environment.

waste tires in Sharjah
Waste tires in Sharjah

In Sharjah  and throughout the UAE, there is increasing emphasis on recycling, not only as a means of improving the environment, but also as a real business opportunity.

Because of this, the UAE customer came to our factory to find the technology to deal with the waste tires and improve the local environment and bring economic profits. And the final technology he decided on is the tyre to diesel plant.

waste tire final products by pyrolysis plant
Waste tyre  pyrolysis plant final products

The final product of the tyre to diesel plants  can be sold for many  uses, such as fuel oil for boiler combustion, carbon black refining milling for sports fields and playground surfaces, insulation for sound insulation or hoses for soil irrigation. And non-standard diesel fuel obtained by further refining is used as fuel oil for heavy machinery, and asphalt obtained after refining is used for road construction.

fuel oil usage
Fuel oil usage

The tyre to diesel plants  will help expand the recycling activities planned by  UAE and thus fundamentally improve the local ecological environment.
Not only that, but DOING company's  tyre to diesel plants  is able to bring huge economic benefits to our customer. Taking the profit of one set of waste tyre  pyrolysis plant running for one day as an analysis, the details of the revenue and expenses of the equipment running one day are as follows:


Profit analysisReference to process 10T/D waste tyre pyrolysis plant

Running cost / Day/T

Waste tires


Heating fuel

(Just choose one from the options)

1Coal: 35USD

2Fuel oil: 187USD


4Natural gas: 49USD

Power consumption


Water consumption

Water is for circulating use, no consumption

Required workers

3 workers per shift * 22USD =65USD

Income / Day

Fuel oil


Carbon black

1selling directly,3T*73USD/T=218USD


Steel wire


Daily profit

Use fuel oil for heating and sell carbon black directly


Waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant profits analysis

The customer purchased 3 sets of waste tyre pyrolysis plant from us, and the profit of running one day is 1302USD/Dx3Sets=3906USD!!!

Of course, the fuel oil obtained from the waste tyre pyrolysis plant is further purified and refined, and the non-standard diesel oil has higher market value. Want to know more profit analysis, please consult online, we will customize a detailed feasibility report for you, and ROI analysis!


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