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An Indonesian client purchased 15TPD new design waste oil refinery plant from Doing Company

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On August 18, 2022, an Indonesian client successfully ordered a 15TPD new design waste oil refinery plant from Doing Company. The whole set of new design waste oil refinery plant is easy to operate, labor & energy saving. It can effectively and environmentally friendly recycle various waste oil and crude oil into diesel oil, such as used engine oil, waste motor oil, lubricating oil, tire plastic pyrolysis oil, etc.

waste oil refinery plantNew design waste oil refinery plant

The Indonesian client runs his own business, including industrial oil and gas stations. Various kinds of waste oil can be collected in daily business transactions. In order to gain more profit, the client decided to purchase a set of waste oil refinery plant to recycle the waste oil into diesel.

After understanding the specific needs of clients, our sales managers customize new type waste oil refinery plant and conventional waste oil refinery plant for our client to choose. In order to let him know more about the two equipment solutions, our sales manager made a detailed introduction and comparison for them.

It is worth mentioning that the Indonesian client does not understand English. Even if the client finds a translator to communicate with our sales manager, our sales manager will still carefully align the details of the communication, and then translate it into Indonesian and send it to the client. And considering that it was the first time for this Indonesian to import goods, our sales manager also planned the shipping details for the convenience of the client picking up the goods.

公司服务.jpgDOING company's service for customer

The meticulous service of our sales manager made this Indonesian client trust us very much. And considering that clients could not visit during the epidemic, our sales manager also invited clients to watch our manufacturing factory via video, so as to know more about the production strength of our Henan Doing company. The client recognized our company very much, so he ordered a set of 15 new design waste oil refinery plant.

It only took nearly 20 days from the inquiries sent by this Indonesian client to the final cooperation with DOING. Thanks so much for putting the trust in Henan Doing Company. We have been committed to helping clients succeed with high-quality equipment and professional services! If you are interested in our waste oil refinery plant or waste tires/plastic pyrolysis plant, please feel free to consult.

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