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A set of 15TPD waste oil distillation plant ordered by Mexican customer

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Congratulations! On August 10, 2022, a Mexican customer ordered a new 15TPD waste oil refinery plant from DOING factory.

The customer is a solid material company in Guadalajara, Mexico, who is interested in a waste oil refining project and wants to know more about the waste oil refinery plant. Therefore, on May 27, 2022, theMexican customer contacted us through our company website.

Waste oil to diesel refinery plantWaste oil to diesel refinery plant

Waste oil distillation plant can refine waste oil into diesel, which is a better fuel oil and has a better market value. It mainly consists of control cabinet, heat transfer oil system, vertical reactor, vertical and horizontal condensers, oil tanks, water seal device, decolorization & deodorization tower, etc. Recently, Doing Group has developed an advanced waste oil distillation plant with a high oil yield of about 90%.

waste oil distillation plantThe details of waste oil to diesel plant

During the second period, the customer saw many other local peer manufacturers, but considering the company's strength, export experience and equipment quality, he finally chose to cooperate with me.Through video with customers, our business manager introduced the details of the waste oil to diesel refinery plant in detail, including the raw materials,cost and product.

productsThe final products

Through many contacts with the customer, the customer also learned that we have rich export experience, and we also have related projects of waste oil distillation plant in Mexico. In Addition to the first time, we also carefully analyzed the profit of the project and the specific plan with the customer. Customers also trust us, mainly focusing on equipment price and strength. We meet the requirements of this Mexican customer, so decided to buy a 15TPD waste oil waste oil distillation plant from our company on August 30.

Henan Doing is a professional manufacturer and supplier of advanced waste oil distillation plant, we can provide turnkey service including sales, installation, commissioning and after-sales, to satisfy you in all aspects. If you are interested in our machines, please contact us to get the latest quotation.

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