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China Jilin customers purchased a set of 15TPD waste plastic pyrolysis plant from Doing Company

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On September 19, 2022, Jilin customers successfully purchased a set of waste plastic pyrolysis plant from Henan Doing Company. And here are the details of waste plastic purolysis plant ordered by Jilin customers:

item detailsThe details of waste plastic purolysis plant ordered by Jilin customers

The Jilin customer is engaged in the business of processing plastic pellets, and a lot of scraps are produced every day. Considering that it is a pity to discard and accumulate for a long time and occupy the workshop, he decided to develop a second production line, that is, to reprocess and convert the plastic scraps into oil, so as to realize the resources economical benefits.

It is understood that in the process of docking with us, the customer also inspected three other equipment manufacturers. So why Jilin customers finally chose to buy the waste plastic pyrolysis plant from Doing Company?

In fact, it is because Jilin customers feel that our company is very attentive to the detailed design and manufacture of waste plastic pyrolysis plant. After he visited our factory and checked the operation site of our pyrolysis plant, he found that our equipment was more in line with his needs:

plastic pyrolysis plantDOING factory waste plastic pyrolysis plant 3D picture

On the one hand, it is reflected in the welding process. Our waste plastic pyrolysis plant adopts automatic submerged arc welding welding process to ensure that the pyrolysis plant will not be de-soldered or cracked under high temperature conditions, and the performance is stable;

On the other hand, our waste plastic pyrolysis plant is mainly cost-effective. With the same specifications and models, the cracking furnaces manufactured by our company are 1.1 meters longer than those on the market, with more feed at one time, larger production capacity and high cost performance.

After comprehensive consideration, the customer finally reached a cooperation with our company and successfully purchased a set of 15TPD waste plastic pyrolysis plant.

Henan Doing Company has an independent industrialization base and after-sales service center. Our sales team and production team can quickly respond to customer needs and provide customers with one-stop services from product development and design, production and manufacturing, installation and commissioning, maintenance and upgrading. Welcome all the customers to make inquiries!

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