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One set of tire packing machines were delivered from DOING Factory to Australia

09-27-2022 11:27:56 DOING News Chat online Leave a message

On September 2, 2022, after verification and trial operation by workers of DOING Company,one set of tire packing machines were successfully packed and sent to Australia from DOING factory.

waste tyre packing machineDOING tires packing machine was delivered to the port

The set of tire packing machines ordered by our Austalian customer is equipped with air compressors and cylinders, which can help customers save time and effort to pack two or three waste tires into one. This will reduce the space occupied by tire transportation or entering the waste tire pyrolysis plant, saving money and time.

It will not be long before the American customer receives the setting machine and is ready to use it. Considering that customers may be unfamiliar with the equipment, our sales manager specially went to the factory to shoot a video guide for equipment installation in advance, and made a detailed display from the display of equipment accessories to the detailed installation process for customers' reference.

With high-quality equipment, cost-effective, and comprehensive services, Henan Doing Company has become the first choice for many customers to purchase tire packing machines and related waste tires to diesel pyrolysis plant and distillation plant. Welcome all clients to send inquiries to us if you are interested in our tire recycling machines.

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