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6 sets of oil sludge pyrolysis plants were delivered to Shaanxi province, China

04-29-2023 09:31:52 DOING News Chat online Leave a message

On April 27, 2023, the 6 sets of stainless steel oil sludge pyrolysis plants were delivered from Henan Doing Company. The shaanxi customer ordered 8 sets of pyrolysis plants totally, and now it was the first delivery batch.

oil sludge pyrolysis plant for saleWasre oil sludge pyrolysis plant ready for delivery

There are abundant oil sludge resources in Shaanxi province, and the Shaanxi customer owns a oil refinery plant, with sufficient raw material resources. Now, considering the need for production expansion, he took the initiative to contact us. The Shaanxi customer had bought oil sludge pyrolysis plant from other equipment manufacturers before, but due to some problems in the production and operation. He considered changing the manufacturer to avoid this problem. Therefore, he paid special attention to the quality and safety of oil sludge pyrolysis plant.

The oil sludge recovered by this customer is coal tar oil, which is mined from the coal mining industry. Due to the characteristics of coal tar oil raw materials, it is prone to coking and sticking to the wall during the pyrolysis process. In view of this, the main furnace liner of the oil sludge pyrolysis plant reactor of Doing Company is made of stainless steel, which has better corrosion resistance. In addition, the inner wall of our pyrolysis plant is specially equipped with a decoking device, which will lift up and disperse the coal tar oil sludge in the furnace, so as to prevent the phenomenon of sticking to the wall and coking. This is exactly the unique design of oil sludge pyrolysis plant customized by this Shaanxi customer.

oil sudge pyrolysis plant project casesWaste oil sludge pyrolysis plant dellivered to Shaanxi, China

After the 8 sets of stainless steel oil sludge pyrolysis plants for Shaanxi customers are all delivered, our company will send technical engineers to guide the installation, commissioning, personnel training and other work. We also look forward to the smooth operation of the oil sludge pyrolysis plant project as soon as possible.

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