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15T oil sludge pyrolysis plant was sent to Jilin, China on time

2020-05-01 15:02:00 DOING News Chat online Leave a message

At the end of April 2020, 15T oil sludge pyrolysis plant was sent from DOING factory to Jilin, China. This oil sludge pyrolysis plant was mainly used to dispose of the oil sludge from the contracted oil field.

The delivery pictures

oil sludge pyrolysis plantPyrolysis reactor and deodorization system were loaded by trailer

pyrolysis plantOther parts were loaded by truck

Customer information

Jilin customers have purchased oil sludge pyrolysis plant from other manufacturers before, but due to factors such as less raw materials in reactor, low processing efficiency and lack of after-sales service, etc. Customers began to look for new equipment. Until he saw our device on the website and started contacting us.

Through the comparison with the previous equipment, the customer found that our technology was more advanced and we handled all aspects of the equipment in a very good position. Considering his site conditions and the size of our oil sludge pyrolysis plant, he decided to order one set 15T oil sludge pyrolysis plant.

After the factory's hard work, 15T oil sludge pyrolysis plant was produced and delivered as planned. At present, this 15T oil sludge pyrolysis plant has been delivered to Jilin, and DOING has sent engineers to guide the installation.


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