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Nuevo Leon, Mexico customer orders two sets of 14-ton waste oil distillation machine

2021-08-14 18:30:05 DOING News Chat online Leave a message

On August 10, an old customer in Nuevo Leon, Mexico ordered two sets of 14-ton waste oil distillation machine from Doing Group.

This customer is an old customer. In 2019, he ordered a set of 10-ton waste oil distillation machine from Doing and wanted to use waste engine oil to refine diesel. However, at the beginning of 2020, when the global new crown epidemic broke out, our engineer were unable to go to Mexico to personally guide the installation, so we sent our product installation and user manuals, as well as elaborate 3D simulation installation videos. Then our engineer gave the customer a video call to guide the installation step by step. Through our efforts, the customer completed the installation of the equipment and put it into operation.

waste oil distillation machineWaste oil distillation machine

In August of this year, this customer contacted us again. Because he had a large amount of waste engine oil on hand, and the original equipment could not meet the demand, so he wanted to purchase two sets of 20-ton waste oil distillation machine. But there is no ready-made 20 tons of waste oil distillation machine in our company's factory, we need to make them now, the largest in stock can provide 14 tons of equipment. After reporting the situation to the customer, he said he was more anxious to use it as soon as possible, so he compared it with other companies in terms of heating efficiency and transportation. He thought that our company used double heating system, which has the advantages of high production efficiency, safe transportation and fast delivery. Moreover, he had a good experience with the equipment he bought from our company before, so he trusted our equipment quality and finally chose us again.

Waste engine oil is a recyclable material. The diesel oil refined through waste oil distillation machine has a broad market and high profit margin. If you want to make money like the customer above, you can contact us at any time. Doing will provide you with good equipment and service.

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