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1TPD small rubber pyrolysis unit ordered by Taiwan customers has been delivered

07-01-2023 10:52:43 DOING News Chat online Leave a message

On June 30, 2023, the 1TPD small rubber pyrolysis unit ordered by a China Taiwan customer was successfully delivered from Henan Doing Company.

This Taiwanese customer makes sports items such as rubber yoga mats, so he has a certain amount of waste rubber materials that need to be disposed of regularly. However, since the daily raw materials are limited, he planned to order a small scale pyrolysis unit to convert the waste rubber into fuel oil.

In addition, this Taiwan customer has two requirements for the pyrolysis unit. One is that due to the limited area and location of the pyrolysis plant site, a set of rubber pyrolysis unit that is easy to install and occupies a small area. Second, the environmental protection degree must meet emission standards and meet local requirements, with less pollution, less smoke and less odor.

rubber pyrolysis unitSmall rubber pyrolysis unit delivered to Taiwan

Henan DOING small unit rubber pyrolysis unit just meets the needs of customers. Our sales manager recommended the 1TPD pyrolysis unit. The pyrolysis unit adopts the compact skid-mounted design, which is easy for the Taiwan customer to install. And it is equipped with environmental protection equipment: exhaust gas purification system, flue gas purification system, and dust removal system. It can ensure that environmental protection meets the standards in all aspects.

We, Henan DOING Company, are determined to continuously manufacture and supply customized pyrolysis units in order to meet different customer needs. With excellent quality, our pyrolysis units have won the favor and recognition of many customers. Welcome to send us your inquiry for free quotations!

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