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Henan DOING invites you to attend the 21st International Exhibition on Rubber Technology!

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From September 4th to 6th, 2023, the 21st International Exhibition on Rubber Technology will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. As a representative and leading pyrolysis plant manufacturer in the field of rubber recycling technology that has attracted much attention, Henan Doing Company sincerely invites everyone to gather at booth 4C662.

rubber pyrolysis plant manufacturer exhibitionDOING Company Location in the rubber technology exhibition

This exhibition will showcase rubber technology, rubber materials, rubber processing and recycling equipment, etc. It is an annual event for the rubber industry. Professional exhibitors come from 30 countries and regions, including industry elites and giants. The exhibition content covers the latest technology, policies and regulations of the rubber tire industry, global market trends and prospects, rubber material development and production technology, and excellent industry solutions and concepts.

At that time, DOING will introduce the process principles of our rubber recycling pyrolysis technology to every customer, as well as the latest cases and operation situation. DOING rubber pyrolysis plant heats and cracks solid waste rubber under anaerobic conditions to ensure that the oil gas is fully produced and then liquefied into fuel oil through the condensation system. Our rubber pyrolysis plant can process and recycle a variety of rubber products on the basis of environmental protection and safety, such as waste tires, rubber cable sheaths, shoe soles, rubber miscellaneous materials, rubber yoga mats, etc.

batch continuous rubber pyrolysis plantBatch continuous rubber pyrolysis plant on exhibition

Numerous domestic and foreign pyrolysis plant project implementation cases provide evidence that Henan DOING company has the strength to provide customers with cost-effective and competitive rubber pyrolysis plant and installation services! Please stay tuned to our news about the 21st International Exhibition on Rubber Technology, and welcome customers to inquire or visit us!

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