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Papua New Guinea customer purchased a set of 10TPD waste oil dehydration machine from Doing company

2021-12-13 16:50:00 DOING News Chat online Leave a message
On the recommendation of a regular Australian customer of DOING company, Harry, a customer in Papua New Guinea, purchased a set of 10TPD waste oil dehydration machine from DOING on December 13, 2021.

Harry has his own waste oil recovery and re-export company in Papua New Guinea. His goal of purchasing the waste oil dehydration machine this time is very clear, that is, to remove water from the waste oil and filter the waste oil so that the product quality of waste oil can be improved.

DOING company was introduced to Harry by a regular Australian customer of us. And Harry learned about a lot of information about our manufacturing strength, equipment quality, operation status, and after-sales service from this Australian customer. In early October 2021, Harry sent us an inquiry.

waste oil dehydration machineA set of 10TPD waste oil dehydration machine from DOING

Based on Harry's needs, our project manager customized the solution of 10TPD waste oil dehydration machine for him. Besides that, our dedicated manager also introduced the detailed design, dehydration effect, advantages of our waste oil dehydration machine, etc. for Harry in combination with previous project cases, which are all in line with Harry's requirements, so he directly purchased a set of 10TPD waste oil dehydration machine from us and paid the advance payment on December 13, 2021.

During the contact with this Papua New Guinea customer, although there was no any visit in the whole process because of the COVID, he gave a very high evaluation to the equipment production and technical support of DOING. Thanks for each customer's high trust in our company.

Now the manufacturing task of this set of 10TPD waste oil dehydration machine has assigned to DOING factory, and it is expected to complete the equipment manufacturing in one month.

In the past 10+ years of production and export, DOING company strives to innovate, diversify equipment products, gradually strengthen the platform and technical team construction, and complete after-sales service system. And we have exported the waste oil/tire/plastic/rubber recycling machine to more than 90 countries and regions. If you have interests in our machine, please feel free to contact us for the free quotation.

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