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An American customer ordered a set of 100kg/d waste plastic to diesel equipment ​

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Congratulations! At the beginning of the new year, an American customers ordered a set waste plastic refining to diesel equipment from DOING factory! The set of equipment is consisted of waste plastic pyrolysis palnt and pyrolysis oil refining machine.

Pyrolysis oil refining plant.jpgWaste plastic to diesel plant

The client runs an oil refining company in the United States, interested in a waste plastic pyrlysis and refining project, and wants to know more about the refinery. Therefore, on January 2, 2023, the client contacted us through our company website.

Pyrolysis equipment can process waste tires and waste plastics into fuel oil, with high oil yield and high profit; while pyrolysis oil refining can further refine pyrolysis into diesel oil, which is a better fuel oil and has a better market value.

The customer looked at many other local manufacturers in the same industry, but considering the company's strength, export experience and equipment quality, he finally chose to cooperate with us. And come to visit the factory in person, our business manager introduced the details to the customer, including raw materials, cost and products.

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Through contacted with the customer, he learned that our company have rich export experience, and we also have related waste oil distillation plant projects in the United States. In addition, we also carefully analyzed the profit and specific plan of the project with the client. Customers also trust us, and the main thing they value is the price and strength of the equipment. So it was decided to purchase 100 kg small unit equipment from our company on January 2.

Henan Dongying is a professional manufacturer and supplier of advanced waste oil distillation equipment, we can provide turnkey services including sales, installation, commissioning and after-sales to satisfy you in all aspects. If you are interested in our machines, please contact us to get the latest quotation.

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