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Macedonia customers come to purchase the second waste tyre pyrolysis plant

03-27-2018 17:58:47 DOING News Chat online Leave a message
The Macedonia customers have bought the tyre pyrolysis plant, this time, in 10.25 2014 they came china the second time for the waste tyre pyrolysis plant. The first machine in their factory in Macedonia ran very well, and the oil yield rate is very high. So they are very satisfied with the tyre pyrolysis plant. They said that: the pyrolysis oil sold well in their country”. Then they came to our factory to buy the second machine directly. From the case we can see that our pyrolysis plant is of high quality. The quality wins the customers’ trust. What is more, the pyrolysis in Macedonia will sold better and better.
waste tyre pyrolysis plant
Macedonia customers came to china for tyre pyrolysis plant
The waste tyre pyrolysis plant is to convert the waste to fuel oil; the raw material of the machine is waste tyre. The oil yield rate of waste tyre pyrolysis plant is about 42%-52%.The final products of waste tyre pyrolysis plant are fuel oil, carbon black,steel wire.

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