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The best Kuwait waste tire recycling solution: setting up waste tire pyrolysis plant projects

Scrap tires are a major obstacle to environmental management in Kuwait due to their bulkiness and the release of chemicals. Regular fires have also troubled Kuwaiti residents. Therefore, it is urgent to set up waste tire recycling projects in Kuwait. The most recommended and the best Kuwait waste tire recycling solution is to set up the waste tire pyrolysis plant projects.

Different from tire burning and retreading, the waste tire pyrolysis plant project has both economic and environmental benefits. This recycling solution mainly relies on the principle of pyrolysis, and uses a waste tire pyrolysis plant to crack the high molecular compound of waste tires into low molecular compounds, that is, fuel oil, carbon black and combustible gas products.

700科威特.jpgWaste tyres pyrolysis to fuel oil plant

The obtained fuel oil is a heavy oil with a calorific value of 10592.48Kcal/kg, much higher than that of coal, which can be used as a good heating fuel for boiler plants, cement plants, steel plants, brick plants, glass plants, etc. And we also have distillation machines to recycle fuel oil into diesel. Carbon black has a calorific value similar to coal, about 7000Kcal/kg, and can be sold as a substitute for coal. The Syn-gas can be used to directly heat the reactor to reduce fuel consumption during operation.

All these three products have a great sales market in different countries. Then how much benefits can we obtain from the waste tire pyrolysis plant? Here is a profit analysis chart for your reference.

Profit analysis(10TPD waste tyre pyrolysis plant)
Waste Tyre10T*30USD/T =300USD
Electricity Consumption30 USD
Heating fuel(tire oil)0.4T*500USD/T=200USD
Manpower3 Workers* 50USD = 150USD
Fuel Oil4T* 500USD/T = 2000USD
Carbon Black3T * 50USD/T=150USD
Steel Wires1.5T* 215USD/T = 322.5 USD

From what we have been discussed above, we can see that it's really a good solution to set up the waste tire pyrolysis plant projects in Kuwait. Doing Company has customized waste tire pyrolysis plants for customers in 90+ countries around the world. According to the environmental protection requirements of stationary areas, we can customize the environmental protection equipment solutions for customers.

For Kuwait's high volume, high efficiency processing needs, we can provide energy saving and labor saving full continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant solution, to help turn "black waste---scrap tires" into "black gold". Welcome to consult us for detailed solutions and the most preferential quotations!

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