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What is the floor area of waste tire pyrolysis machine? How should the waste tire pyrolysis plant be planned?

In fact, different types and specifications of waste tire pyrolysis machines have different floor areas. Next, DOING will give you a detailed introduction, so that you can have a good plan about the waste tire pyrolysis plant.

There are two main types of waste tire pyrolysis machines on the market: batch type waste tire pyrolysis machine and fully continuous waste tire pyrolysis machine. They have different designs, and their floor areas are also different.

Taking DOING waste tire pyrolysis machines an example, the free installation frame type 100KG/Batch waste tire pyrolysis machine only covers a floor area of about 10㎡(length: 5m, width: 2m), the 10-ton batch waste tire pyrolysis plant covers an area of 450-600㎡ (width: 15m, length: 30-35m). And the 50-ton fully continuous waste tire pyrolysis machine covers an area of 1200 ㎡ ( length: 70m, width: 17.5m).

700-500全连续间歇小机组.pngTheree types waste tire pyrolysis machine

Of course, whether to choose multiple sets of waste tire pyrolysis reactors for joint production, whether to combine flue gas and exhaust gas purification systems will also affect the floor area of waste tire pyrolysis machines. If only the footprint of main equipment is increased, then the total floor area of the waste tire pyrolysis machine will be smaller.

However, if you want to build a waste tire pyrolysis plant, it is not enough to only know the floor area of waste tire pyrolysis machine. The establishment of a waste tire pyrolysis plant requires a clear understanding of the overall layout and planning.

间歇裂解设备生产线.jpgThe 3D picture floor area of batch type waste tire pyrolysis machine

A regular waste tire pyrolysis plant must strictly implement the requirements of the national design specifications for fire protection, ventilation, fire protection, and environmental protection, and have complete basic functions of the workshop. In addition to the workshop for installing the waste tire pyrolysis machine, different functional areas can also be planned according to actual needs, such as raw material and finished product storage area, oil tank area, etc.

裂解设备产地.jpgThe project case of waste tyre pyrolysis plant floor area picture

At the same time, people flow channels, logistics channels and safety distances should also be reasonably planned and designed, and some extra spaces should be reserved as appropriate. In addition, the waste tire pyrolysis plant also needs to be equipped with a circulating water cooling pool for equipment cooling. The placement of each equipment and the design of the functional area should fully consider the production process of waste tire pyrolysis machine to ensure that it can achieve industrial production and improve work efficiency.

Henan Doing Company, as a senior manufacturer of waste tire pyrolysis machine, possesses engineers teams and sales manager teams who can provide customers with a one-stop waste tire pyrolysis solution, including customizing the waste tire pyrolysis machine, equipment layout, building condition drawing, waste tire pyrolysis plant layout drawing, etc. We can help you achieve intelligent and worry-free production of waste tire pyrolysis.

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