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How to choose a competitive pyrolysis apparatus fabricator?

Facing the different pyrolysis apparatus fabricators on the market, do you feel entangled? So how to choose a competitive and machine quality-assured manufacturer? According to this problem, Henan DOING, as a professional manufacturer of pyrolysis apparatus, combined with the market and 11+ years of rich production and export experience, will answer these questions.

1.Whether there are a large number of actual operation sites and installation cases.

In choosing a pyrolysis apparatus fabricator, it is most important to choose one with rich experience. These can explain whether the equipment manufacturer process is mature, whether there is strong production strength and delivery capacity, to select manufacturers play a good reference role. Henan DOING has exported and successfully installed waste tire/plastic pyrolysis apparatus to more than 90 countries around the world.

项目案例3.jpgDOING has successfully installed pyrolysis apparatus to more than 90 countries

2.Whether the safety and environmental standards are met.

In waste tyre/plastic recycling projects, safety and environmental protection are always the most important factors, as well as a crucial criterion in selecting pyrolysis apparatus fabricators. In the face of customers in different countries, on the premise of ensuring their safety, DOING will recommend appropriate configurations to customers according to local environmental requirements. For example, in Europe, The United States, Japan and South Korea, DOING will recommend customers to use some options to enhance environmental protection, so as to successfully meet the local environmental protection standards. At present, more than 20 European countries have installed DOING pyrolysis apparatus, which proves their safety and environmental protection.

700间歇.jpgDOING batch type waste tyre pyrolysis plant 3D picture

3.Whether the after-sales system is perfect.

After-sales service is very important for customers who install the equipment. Henan DOING is a holding company integrating technology research and development, promotion, production, sales and after-sales service. With a complete after-sales system, it can help customers solve difficult and complicated problems at any time. Many customers have established a long-term cooperative relationship with DOING. For example, Macedonian customers have visited us many times and bought back equipment from DOING three times. The Indian customer bought back twice and intended to continue to expand the production program.

售后安装调试.jpgEngineers for customers free installation debugging

The above are important factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing fabricators of pyrolysis apparatus fabricators. If you would like additional information about our waste tire/plastic pyrolysis apparatus, please feel free to contact DOING's professional business manager for more details.

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