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What is the advantage and disadvantage of using pyrolysis technology to convert plastic to oil?

Nowadays, pyrolysis technology is more and more widely used in the waste plastic management instead of landfill or recovery through granulation, since it can convert various kinds of waste plastics to fuel oil, which can not only effectively manage waste plastic but also bring very good economic benefit. With such an advantage, the waste plastic pyrolysis oil project becomes very popular and favored by customers in all walks of life. But everything has two sides, let’s see what is the general advantage and disadvantage of this plastic pyrolysis oil technology in the following article.

convert plastic to oilPyrolysis technology converting plastic to oil

Advantages of using pyrolysis technology to convert plastic to oil:

1. High efficiency

Pyrolysis technology is suitable for almost all kinds of waste plastic, no matter it is clean or unwashed and unsorted. For a batch waste plastic pyrolysis plant, even no need to do the shredding work. All the processes from plastic to fuel oil is carried out inside the waste pyrolysis reactor together with its accessory system, very convenient and man-power saving.

plastic pyrolysis processThe process of plastic to oil conversion

2. High profit

Waste plastic such as PE(polyethylene)、PP(polypropylene)、PS(polystyrene) and ABS,etc. has higher oil yield above 50%, which means from the above 10ton waste plastic, you can extract at least 10tonx50%=5ton pyrolysis fuel oil. It is a process to convert waste into new energy, so this project is absolutely profitable.

plastic to oilFuel oil extracted from waste plastic

Disadvantage of using pyrolysis technology to convert plastic to oil:

1. Environment problem

The main disadvantage of pyrolysis technology is reflected by the waste pyrolysis plant. Technology is very good, but you need be careful to choose the right pyrolysis plant supplier. Unqualified waste plastic pyrolysis plant does not meet environmental emission standards and will cause air and soil pollution, which will decide if you are able to continue this project in your local area. DOING environmentally friend pyrolysis plant is recognized by lots of customer from home and broad, welcome to contact us for more details.

waste plastic recycling machinePollution produced by unqualified waste plastic pyrolysis plant

2. Project permit

Since using pyrolysis technology to convert plastic into oil belongs to chemical project, so to get the permit is necessary for you to do such project in your place legally. It will take the time and effort, but different areas has different policies. For more information, you are welcome to check with us.

waste plastic pyrolysis plantDOING waste plastic pyrolysis plant project in some countries

In a word, the advantages of using pyrolysis technology to convert plastic to oil outweighs its disadvantages, the most important thing for you is to get a qualified waste pyrolysis plant from a good supplier.

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